Ferguson, Beheadings, and the Psychological Challenge of Living in the Modern World

The human mind did not evolve for the world we live in. Over the last twenty-four hours I’ve gazed at the image of a reporter about to be beheaded. Moments later in the same newscast I watched a mother and father express their rage, sadness, and dismay when their teenage boy was shot to death after an unarmed altercation with a police officer. How many of us imagined what it might have been like to be behind the eyes of that reporter, to feel what it was like to read that statement blaming the US for what would happen in the next handful of seconds? How many of us imagined what it was like to be a black teenager without much of a future on the streets of Ferguson to be shot at as he ran from an officer for stealing cigars? If you are comfortable inside your own skin with those questions (“Of course, I did that”), let me ask two more… Read more