The MWS Podcast 39: Steven C. Hayes on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

I recently chatted with Barry Daniel of The Middle Way Society, an organization whose aim is to develop an integrated approach to living a more ethical life avoiding dogma or any appeal to authority. During our interview we discussed how ACT might fit into the middle way. Our talk turned into a great ACT primer for those not yet familiar with the practice. Enjoy!

Visit the for a downloadable podcast and additional comments from Steve.

Perpetrators are People Too

Why Our National Conversation is Wrong and What to Do about It

In the wake of the NFL domestic violence scandal the media has exploded with questions about what we need to do governmentally, institutionally, and politically to better manage partner abuse. Some have called the current rash of stories a “national teaching moment”—an opportunity for us to wake up to the prevalence and horror of domestic violence and take effective action against this crime.

I couldn’t agree more. A new way forward is desperately needed. Read more

Behavioral Science and Local Empowerment Are Needed to Help Solve the Ebola Crisis

The West African Ebola crisis is holding up a mirror to the world, and what it is reflecting back is worrisome. I was listening to the news reporting yesterday with a mixture of interest and horror. The horror was not just about what is going on in these West African countries. It was the horror of hearing “How did we let him in?” when the new case in Texas was discussed—as if a virus respects national borders. I wondered if those making their strained comments and asking their anxious questions were ready to follow their own logic to its conclusion. Are we in the modern world ready to quarantine an entire continent out of fear? Read more

Kissing the Banana Trunk

Will You Commit and Act in the Fight Against Ebola?

Among the problems countries like Sierra Leone face in the battle against Ebola, two strike the American mind as all but incomprehensible: 1.) the widespread skepticism that the disease actually exists and 2.) burial practices that to our eyes are not only clear disease vectors but even a little macabre.

First, let’s do some perspective taking here. Read more

Why Our Smart Phones are Making Us Unhappy

Social Comparison and the Rise of Mental Health Problems in Young Americans

Your smart phone could be making you miserable.

Young Americans today are facing levels of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses that are higher than they were a generation ago. And the rest of us aren’t doing much better. Read more